Sofra Bakery Cambridge MA

Dinner with friends Sunday night (homemade dumplings to celebrate the year of the pig) turned into an overnight at the Revolution Hotel turned into breakfast at Sofra Bakery. And thank goodness it did!
We arrived around 9:00 am and it was not too busy. Some street parking and a small lot next door.
We had a Turkish tea (husband) house coffee (me) rice pudding with pomegranate seeds and grapefruit sections, a carrot/feta scone and a poached egg on labneh with friend quinoa, broccoli, roast potatoes. It was all very good. Excellent coffee, strong but not bitter. I think the brand is Karma which you can purchase at the shop.
My breakfast bowl was so good…it all worked so well together. I was really thinking about the shashuka but maybe next time.
I did not eat a lot of the scone, not a feta fan. He liked it though. The rice pudding and fresh fruit was seriously good. A nice alternate to yogurt and fruit.
We did a little shopping after breakfast. 2 Spicy lamb pidas which we had with lunch. No pictures, I forgot but the lamb was delicious and the pida/filling balance was perfect.
Dinner tomorrow night will be sweet potato lamb dolma and olives with carrots.
We also picked up 6 pitas. More bread than what I think of as pita but they will make good sandwiches.
We are fans of Sarma and this is a great outpost, I wish it were closer to us.


Nice! Those pics of your finds are making me hungry. We’re big fans of Sofra as well, though have only visited a couple of times because we aren’t nearby enough either.

A container of brightly spicy zhoug is my favorite item I remember picking up.

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Yes, Sofra deserves its own thread. It’s very, very good. Favorites over the years have included pretty much all their rolled flatbreads (lamb, in particular), and their meze. On the sweet side, we’ve enjoyed pretty much everything: their shortbread, various small cakes and muffins, and their absolutely wonderful rose-almond cake. The prepared foods are also good, as are the various packaged goods they have lying about (although the selection has changed a lot over the years).

And, if you’re there you must pop into Violette wines next door (door in the main area). Richard carries very good “bio” wines and supplies many fine restaurants, Many years ago, Violette was the whole building before the space was split with Sofra.


We had the sweet potatoes last night. They were excellent. We have some labneh we picked up at George’s which complimented the spicy lamb really well. I think we might need to return this weekend.