I don’t think it’s unique to Spanish culture to linger after a meal. Germans, French, Italians, Greeks, Turks do it as well. I think it’s more of an outlier to immediately pay the bill after one’s last bite/sip and leave.

But is there a word for it?

Interesting, but why does this guy write like no one outside of Spain understands dining to socialize?

I can’t speak for the other languages, but in German “Essen gehen” is understood to include lingering at the table. Well, maybe my dad excluded. He never saw the point of hanging out afterwards, but he also didn’t understand the “point” of appetizers :rofl:

Plus, the headline says a ‘uniquely Spanish part of the meal,’ not a ‘uniquely Spanish word for a part of a meal.’

Oh, interesting. I don’t think there’s an English word. Other than “camping,” which is a pejorative.

I would blame the headline writer for that (who is almost certainly not the author of the article).

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