So, what have been the ups and downs dining in Westchester/Fairfield?

We have had quite a year of openings and closings around the Westchester/Fairfield area. What are your thoughts…
And there is much more to come.

I found the much anticipated opening of Campagna in Bedford to be a disappointment.While the place was beautiful, the constant upselling was annoying. The pasta was good but the entree was not good at all. I wrote my take back on CH when we first went. On the upside, this year, thanks to JFood, we discovered Bailey’s Backyard in Ridgefield and their food is really excellent with interesting combinations of flavors .

Too many Asian fusion restaurants, too few good, solid Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese eateries…

Was intrigued by the hyped up opening of Club Car in Mamaroneck, followed by a very good review in the New York Times, followed by the closing of the restaurant. Soon after, we find Chef MacMenamin and company taking over long running Lincoln Lounge promising to keep it the same. Well, they managed to close this local institution in record time…

And, what ever happened to ‘42’ in White Plains?

gutreactions, I stayed away from Club Car when it was awash in people. When I finally went, it was a ghost town. Unlike most, I liked it. And then it closed.

I loved Lincoln Lounge, and was VERY disappointed when Brian took over, knowing it would no longer be what it was, and bam, it closed.

I agree on the lack of Thai and Vietnamese, I tried the few, and wasn’t thrilled.

I do, however, have a new favorite Chinese. One that has been here a looong time and I never got there until recently. Have you been to Sichuan Pavillion in Portchester?

Re 42

I don’t often bitch about prices, but I have found beer prices at most bars in West/Fair to be creeping up to about $7 average. Yes, you can still get a deal at happy hour at some spots, though…and a good burger can cost as much as a full-fledged entrée use to: in the $15 to $20 range. What’s up?

Typical “westchesteritis”-
Everyone here is wealthy and stoopid easy with their money. At least that is what far too many places feel. Same problem with most restaurants up here,charge premium prices for mediocre food. Let’s charge a lot for beer- ppl. will pay. .I Don’t mind paying when the quality is there,but far too many charge as an entitlement.

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Yeah, I’ve noticed this too. The beer price at Fortina, one of our favorites, is ridiculous. My husband will often opt for a cocktail there since they’re just a few dollars more and require more effort at least than opening a bottle or pouring from the tap.

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