So Moon Nan Jip Palisades Park NJ

The following day after my incredible Il Nido meal I had my second overdue birthday meal. This time it was lunch and those of you who know me know I am good with that :wink:

I was kidnapped by the cutest Uber driver ever

Love the fuzzy pom pom on top of her hat.

First I was brought to a nearby bakery for all sorts of sweets - sorry no pic. Then on to the restaurant

It was great not to have to think about ordering. My guide led me through the bon chon to the spicy beef tripe soup to the main course of beef grilled in the middle of our table. It was all good.

Highly recommended!


Hey why didn’t you bring me!! lol

This place is the OG big menu Korean BBQ restaurant in that area, I can only think of like 1 other Korean restaurant that’s been around as long as they have. They do a good job with just about everything! Wish it was BYO but hey you can’t have everything.

It’s almost impossible to have a bad time when there’s charcoal burning in front of you.

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Nothing personal Joon, but look at the picture of my date. Now look in the mirror. 'Nuff said?

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Can’t argue with facts like that!!

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BTW I hope you enjoyed the intestine soup, it’s one of my favorites! Respect to your lady friend for ordering that!

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