so Many sungolds = ketchup

Have 2 sun gold tomato plants (by accident) and the amount of tiny sweet tomatoes is amazing. I wish my big red ones produced like this!
So yesterday I made ketchup with 5 lbs of sungolds. Didn’t really follow a recipe as I’m not canning it (maybe freeze excess) but after so many taste tests I put out a dab of ketchup from the fridge to compare them. Very close in tang and texture but oh so much better.
Even after high speed vita mix blending, i sieved it and there werestill a lot of the skins.
I’m really happy with it but not sure I can reproduce.


Wow. Lucky you!

I have a few sun gold plants here, I don’t think there is enough to make ketchup. I bet it’s the sweetness that make it suitable for ketchup?

Sweet! Think I could try that with Maglia Rosa? I don’t have 5 pounds at a time though.


I have 6 sungolds just so I can make spiced tomato jam with them.


Wow, you must get a huge amount of sungolds!! I can barely keep up with 2 plants. I made the jam last year and loved it. Decided to try the ketchup this time.

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