So long summer. Hello fall - winter baking. (Oct 2016-Mar 2017)

What’s baking in your kitchens?

It’s not really cool in So Cal yet, but fall is slowly rolling in.
Yesterday I made profiteroles, with cafe macchiato gelato and melted smoked chocolate chips on top.


Did you smoke your chocolate? How did you do it? Yummy indeed.

Nope. I’ve never smoked anything (on purpose). I purchased a small jar of Hot Cakes alder wood smoked chips when we were in Seattle. They are so good that I have tried to be very selective in using them.

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Wow, those look fabulous! Last month a friend gave me a new cookbook(Cookies & Cups) and it’s just now cooling off here. So today I got the ingredients needed for the Browned Butter Chocolate Chip cookies and the No-Bake Mint Chocolate bars.

After that, I have about 20 more recipes marked :dizzy_face:

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So far I’ve been making apple-flavored everything. Two weeks ago, I made Baked NYC’s caramel apple cake using homemade applesauce, and over the weekend, I made Smitten Kitchen’s apple cider caramels. Next up are pumpkin cheese swirl bars and an apple pie with Parmesan cheese baked into the crust. Fall baking is my favorite :heart_eyes:.


Which book is the caramel apple cake in?

Baked Explorations

Last night I baked a particularly delicious apple crisp - cinnamon maple pecan apple crisp, to be exact. I used two each McIntosh, Granny Smith, Golden Delicious and Gala apples for the filling, which gave me a rich apple flavor with plenty of intact pieces of apple and a good amount of apple goo. The maple was subtle (I just replaced some of the sugar in the apples with a bit of Grade B maple syrup) but added a nice complexity. Pecans in the streusel instead of the more-typical oatmeal, which I despise. The apples were from the supermarket, but presumably this year’s crop. Hit the spot!

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Yesterday we baked some oatmeal, coconut, chocolate chip cookies. I keep a bag of these frozen and then cook off four or five at a time.

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Date cake from Gjelina cookbook. Someone later told me it’s actually an English toffee pudding. I goggled it, and that’s exact what it is. :slight_smile:

This is a very, very sweet cake. I probably won’t make it again, but it was fun to do.

Whipped up a sugar-free pumpkin cheesecake last night so DH could have a Halloween treat. I’m not a big fan of pumpkin sweets but I’ll probably have a slice of this, just to see how it turned out. Standard cheesecake recipe but sweetened with half erythritol, half liquid sucralose. I didn’t bother with a crust and baked it overnight at 200 for a (hopefully) super silky texture.

Kuchen with plums, blueberries, and apple.


I think I’m nearly there with the canelés. So far, the best I’ve made with the copper molds. Compared to the Baillardran ones from Bordeaux, my canelés has a crispier and slightly thicker exterior and the interior is more moist (less cooked). The bottom is a bit too cooked. Still room for improvement.

Quite happy, with years of failures: undercooked, burnt, over raised… tested with different recipes, different temperature, silicon molds and now copper molds. YAY!


@Bookwich I would love a recipe for this, if you don’t mind sharing!

Of course! I’ve tried different versions, but this recipe is the closest that came to the kuchen my father used to make.

DH requested lemon bars for the Super Bowl, so lemon bars it is. I made a simple crust with browned butter, flour and powdered sugar, then the filling from the Joy of Cooking with extra lemon juice (just eggs, juice, zest and a tiny bit of baking powder, very simple).

Thank you so much!

A bit of summer in winter. Strawberry rhubarb polenta crisp.

The pups were up at 4 a.m., so I was too. I sat downstairs with some tea reading the Gjelina cookbook (trying to avoid waking DH). I knew I had the last of the FM frozen berries and rhubarb in the freezer so I tossed the crisp together. Really nice and I loved the crunch of the polenta in the topping (the recipe calls for instant polenta which I don’t have so I just used cornmeal).

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So you had warm crisp for breakfast? You’re the best mom, ever!

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