“ So Good Chinese Restaurant, Richmond Hill “ - Feeling elated with this surprising ‘Hidden Neighbourhood Gem’ find!

‘ So Good!! ‘…the chef/owner sure got the name of his restaurant right!!

Rarely does one find a restaurant with near perfect execution of every single dish ordered. Our absolutely delightful, humble and value-for-money meal tonight reflects exactly that!

First off, the size of the dishes were HUGE!! For the price they were charging, this was totally unexpected! Our party of six ordered 6 dishes and we were stuffed to the hilt by the amount of food presented.

We had:

  • A pre-ordered ‘ Crispy Skin Salt Baked Free Range Chicken ‘. The super crisp
    lacquered skin was amazing. The chichen so flavourful! Using a bunch of
    ultra-crispy French fries as garnish was a most enjoyable and
    masterful - touch ‘!
  • Stir fried dishes of……‘ Cauliflower with wind-dried Chinese Preserved Meats
    and sausages ‘, ‘ Port wine glazed Filet Mignon Cubes with Mushrooms and
    String Beans ‘, ‘ Sliced beef with Chinese Kale aka Gai-Lan ‘ were all
    wonderfully prepared and packed full of ‘ Wok-Hay ‘ goodness.
  • A crunchy and umami packed ‘ Fried Jumbo Tiger Prawns and Pumpkins with
    Salted Duck Egg Yolk coating was addictive and lip-smacking good!
  • Last but not least, one the BEST and most perfect executions of ‘ Sweet and
    Sour Pork ‘ we have ever come across in the GTA! Piping hot!..The
    crunchiness and crispiness was out-of-this-world and the sweet and mildly
    tangy sauce, so well balanced and delectable. Wow!!

And to finish off our near faultless meal….complimentary, fresh house made, ‘ Silken Tofu with ginger syrup ‘ dessert! What a treat!

Only down side of tonight’s meal?! The noise-level!.. result of a packed house and one isolated ‘ screaming kid ‘!!

Definitely worth returning!


Salt baked chicken and fries! Sounds like a good combo. Looks good, especially the salted egg yolk pumpkin.

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Thank you Charles! I wish them well … this restaurant has changed hands a few times over the years. I reemember when it was an Asian fusion place.

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Had another well executed, delicious and enjoyable lunch at ’ So Good '.

The ’ Sizzling Hot-Pot stirred fry free range chicken with Chinese preserved sausages, Chinese mushrooms and aromatics ’ was exemplary!! Highly recommended!

Both the ’ Gone Chow Ngau Ho ( aka stirred fry ho-fun with sliced beef ) ’ and ’ Hong Kong Style Baked Pork Chop with Creamy Tomato Sauce and Cheese Casserole ’ were worth noting.