So Detroit Restaurant Week is coming back Feb. 3-12...

…and I really don’t know what to think about that.

It seems/ed that they kind of gave up the ship with it over the past year-and-a-half. First, they claimed that they were going to forget the spring dates and make it a once-per-year thing in the fall (the way it started out), and then when fall came around, they completely dropped the ball. So much so, that a bunch of different restaurants in Detroit ended up buddying-up for an erstwhile, impromptu restaurant week which they couldn’t actually call DRW because, well, you know…the name was taken. I guess. Or something like that.

Now here we are in 2017, and they’re bringing it back…in February. Dead middle of winter. I guess it isn’t that I mind the timing of it so much as it just seems like, well, the world just kept on a’turnin’ without The Official Detroit Restaurant Week Event, and to be honest, it feels a bit on the “Really? Now?” side of things.

Anyway, though, those are the dates, the restaurants, menus, and even the price point(s) remain a mystery for now. I checked the website and FB page, and there’s no more info there, either (my initial knowledge came from an email that I happened to see in a Promotions folder on GMail). We’ll see who they can rope in and what they’ll be offering. Maybe I’ll be wanting to try a couple places come early February.


Addendum: prices will be either $29 per person or $39 per person. I may have missed that.

Thanks for this post! I hope this DRW materializes. But then…

Just spent a while looking at Detroit restaurants that support Prix Fixe dining menus, and wasn’t overwhelmed.

If London Chop House, or Top of The Ponch got on board with this, I’d become a very willing participant. But, that’s not likely at the price point aimed for by DRW.

I haven’t tried those two yet, RJ. Worth my time/money?

Lunch at London Chop House in late 2014. A wonderful experience. I remember the ambience as reminding me of what a 1940s-50s Men’s Club might look like. Price for lunch was $$$, but well worth it. Dinner was much more expensive then, that’s why we did a mid-week lunch.

I haven’t been to The Top Of The Ponch, that’s why I called it out.

I don’t think either of these two restaurants supports DRW, boagman.

Just checked the DRW website…still nothing posted! :confounded:

Yep. They’re really on the ball, aren’t they?

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Hey RedJim! Guess what? Top of the Pontch is one of the $39 (for three courses) choices! London Chop House isn’t there, but Top of the Pontch is a go! How’s that for a surprise?

I have to say, I’m impressed with the participating restaurants! And specifically, those with the $39 Prix Fixe offerings. Looks like this is our year for Top of the Pontch.

Now we wait for the menu reveals…

Less than a week from the start, and still no menus posted. :expressionless:

Actually, several (half?) of the menus are there on the website provided you click on the “RESTAURANTS” tab at the top and scroll through the individual restaurants and click on “MENU”. Of course, not all of the listed restaurants have posted their menus yet, so it’s kind of hit-and-miss.

Two of the restaurant menus that I find intriguing? Prism at Greektown Casino, and (glad to hear it) Top of the Pontch. Two of the menus that I find absolutely laughable at the $39 price point? Downtown Louie’s Lounge and Republic. Both places would be stretching for me to pick three courses off of those menus for even $29.

There are other places that sound good, too, but you can explore many of them yourself. PROTIP: visit DRW’s Facebook page for instant pictures of all the currently accessible menus for DRW.

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Thanks for the direction, boagman. I just ran through all the available menus so far. My head is spinning!

I did like the offerings from Top of The Pontch. We’ll probably punch that ticket next week. Another menu that intrigued me was offered by Cliff Bell’s…

How is Detroit restaurant week going? I’m in Los Angeles, and didn’t even bother with ours. Other than super high-end places, most of the menus were boring and pretty similar to each other. Very few places included signature dishes or new, interesting options. It was disappointing.


Hi Bookwich! To be fair, I’ve only been back in town from Fort Lauderdale for a few days, so I haven’t actually had a chance to go out for DRW yet. I’m still planning on doing a couple of places, yet, but just haven’t gotten around to it.

There are some intriguing-sounding menus from multiple places…along with some pretty lousy-sounding ones, too. I have to admit that I’m a bit overloaded on eating out considering that I ate out almost every day I was down south, but I still want to hit up a couple places I haven’t tried yet.


I’m still hoping to make Top of The Pontch & Cliff Bell’s but time is short and the week has been tortuous.