Snyder's of Hanover nibblers discontinued?

I haven’t seen them in Boston area grocery stores for months, and the Snyder’s website omits them. The honey mustard onion nibblers were a favorite. They have the pieces but most of these are too small to dip, and they have way more coating than nibblers. I haven’t seen intact HMU pretzels for sale. Bad move, Snyder’s!

I see they have Sourdough nibblers but no honey mustard & onion ones.

Maybe you can mix them with the Pieces.

Cohasset Stop & Shop had the honey mustard and onion ones today.

Carolina1, you probably saw pieces, not nibblers. The Snyder’s website now shows plain sourdough as the only flavor of nibblers.

You’re probably right. If I get back there, I’ll take another look.