Snow day in the city! (NYC)

What are NYC folks doing to brave the storm? I decided not to go in to work today, but usually I try to choose a restaurant within a couple of blocks of my office for delivery in bad weather. I’ve never had a problem getting places to deliver, either - NYC delivery people are tough! There’s a great Turkish restaurant on west 57th St. called ABA Turkish - they have a fabulous rendition of Ali Nazik, a mixture of yogurt and grilled eggplant, topped with spicy ground lamb. It’s one of my favorite cold-weather dishes.

In my old neighborhood in Queens, weather like this would mean cleaned-out grocery store shelves for sure. We lived in a neighborhood with a large Hispanic population and it always gave me a chuckle to see the tortilla case emptied before the bread/milk/eggs.

Today I’m prepping for a brunch I’m hosting on Saturday - making pizza dough and cinnamon rolls, and trying not to bust into the mimosa makings!

Sounds like brunch will be yummy!! The city is great - never shuts down!

Prep for the storm yesterday:
Esposito’s Meat Market (9th and 38th): Short ribs, oxtail, a marrow bone, a pig’s foot.
Sea Breeze Fish Market (9th and 40th): Spanish mackerel, jumbo shrimp.
Nearby grocery: Carrots, potatoes, celery, onions, garlic, shallots, cilantro.

Yesterday evening:
Browned meat in batches, poured off excess fat, sauteed 6 sliced onions, 8 whole cloves
of garlic, chopped shallots, 3 diced carrots, some diced celery, thin slices of ginger, and
3 chopped green thai chillies till soft, then added some aromatic stuff (cardamom pods,
cloves, a stick of cinnamon. Dumped the meat back in, a can of crushed tomates, and
a bottle of cab, and set the whole affair on a very low, bare simmer for 3 1/2 hours.
Added halved potatoes and 6 carrots an hour before the end.

Along the way, when the marrow bones were ready, took them out and had marrow
spread on toast, with the shrimp and mackerel to follow.

Let the meat cool and refrigerated it.

Today I’ll skim off excess fat from meat, reheat, thicken the sauce if needed (by boiling
down), cut the richness with some chopped cilantro, and eat.

(Had left over shrimp for breakfast today, while watching the snow swirl around.)

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I trekked down to Union Square Cafe and had an incredible lunch at the bar looking out at the snow on Park Avenue through those big windows. May be my new favorite spot for snow storm watching.