Snappy Pattys Medford MA

Snappy Patty in West Medford has taken over the space next door and added 50 seats and that was enough for getting a full liquor license. I went for lunch today and it was nice. The menu was basically the same since my last visit in '15. Food was still good.


I met a couple of friends here for brunch last Sunday and was delighted by the whole experience. Yes, that’s right. Straight-up delighted. After two years of not eating in restaurants, maybe it doesn’t take much, but still I am so pleased to know this place exists.

Far from the usual mobbed brunch experience, there were plenty of tables available at 11 am on a Sunday. I got the chicken and waffles (naturally) and was very pleased. The waffle was a magnificent sugar-crusted Belgian waffle with just the right balance of tender inside and crispy outside. The chicken was well seasoned and fried, and the syrup was real maple and plentiful. I ate about half of the plate- it would have been plenty for two hungry adults. My dining companions were equally enthusiastic about their French toast and steak and eggs, but we were not a sharing food kind of crew, so I cannot add tasting notes.

Our server was exactly the kind of friendly, efficient person you want at brunch. The atmosphere reminds me of Highland Kitchen before it got so popular that no one goes there anymore- kind of funky, patched together, fun. My only minor point of complaint was that the coffee was luke-warm and kind of weak. Ah well, my plan for that minor qualm is to come back for dinner so that coffee isn’t necessary.


Good to hear! I always liked that place from the start. I refuse to go to Medford after they installed their infernal parking meters. Forgot about brunch on Sundays.

I think they have a parking lot. At least that’s what my friends told me, although I parked on street so cannot verify. Also, 2 years of the world ending have made me less annoyed about something like parking… just saying.

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There are meters in the lot as well.