Snacking and family meals increase in lockdown

There’s a sharp increase in home-cooked food and eating together as a family. You are stuck at home, can’t go out to eat so the most logical thing to do is cook your own food and eat together.

The supermarkets (at least where I am) have made unprecedented profits during lockdown. Everybody wins here.

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UK supermarkets have been doing very well, in spite of many of us finding some other online sources. There was a recent TV programme about how the supermarkets have dealt with the virus and I remember the presenter mentioning there had been very significant increases in sales of snacks, like crisps, and chocolate.

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I know I’ve posted this before. At least in my corner of the US, eating from the grocery store doesn’t mean eating better. One-way aisles mean I run up and down every aisle whether there is anything there I want or not. What I see is snacks and convenience foods picked over while basic ingredients are plentiful.


Interesting article in Fortune in the last 7 days showing a correlation between higher levels of positive tests in geographic areas where Open Table shows a lot of dine-in restaurant patrons (apparently you can tell if a credit card has been swiped for dine in or take out). And the opposite result - decreasing positive tests in areas where grocery stores are very busy.

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