Snackable Bakes -- Buttermilk Cake

In a futile attempt to find a yellow cake that is anything other than meh, I tried this recipe for Buttermilk cake at the urging of some of my baking friends. I also used the chocolate frosting attached to the Fudgy Chocolate Cake in the same book. It didn’t win the day. Not only was the cake particularly undistinguished, I found the frosting to be chalky, the way American buttercream tends to be. I was looking for a cake to make for my son’s birthday party tomorrow night. This wasn’t it. I am in the process of making a giant Hostess Cupcake-type cake instead. Hopefully, it will serve the 28-30 guests he is expecting!


Looks purty :smile:


Would a “chiffon cake” work in this situation??

No, not from this though I love chiffon cakes!

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