Smorgasburg Toronto [Toronto}

Has anyone been yet? I went to the Brooklyn one about 10 years ago and enjoyed it. The vendors look pretty good! My recent Saturdays have been too booked up…

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I haven’t been, mostly because I avoid lines and have low tolerance for crowds these days.

I know Suresh Doss has been involved in bringing it to TO.


I’m not sure if you’re a member of the Facebook Chow group, but there are a few posts there. Even if you’re not, you can view them. So far, the responses are pretty positive.

The responses should be positive, considering Suresh’s involvement with both Smorgasburg and Chow Toronto. :slight_smile:

For those who aren’t part of Chow Toronto, it’s a 1000 plus person FB group founded by former Chowhounds JonasBrand, Suresh and @TheCharles.


Happy to report…as of today, membership of 'chow-toronto ’ stands at 1206 with tons of ex-chowhounders. In addition to Googs and Phoenika, they have Bytepusher, Dubca, Juno, Embee, Vivo, Lefty, Lizzie, skylineR33…etc.


The posts on Smorgaburg are generally positive, not uniformly.

On the FB Chow site overall, I’ve read posts disagreeing with Suresh. I’ve seen these because they are left to stand as that person’s opinion, as it should be. Suresh may debate the virtues of his opinion. He does not, however, appear to use his god-like powers as an admin to smite them.

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I am not on facebook, but good to know. Thanks Googs!

I don’t know whether you read their food review on goodycs or not, but still, I suggest you checkout goodycs, if you are seeking food vendors.

I do have a facebook account, but only use it occasionally when I need it to see some FB info not visible to non-members. However, I never post, like, or otherwise be visible. I can’t see any Chow posts. “This group is private.”

You have to join the group by clicking the “join group” button. After they approve your membership you will be able to write and read posts.

I understand joining a group, but I was replying to Googs’ comment that you don’t have to join to view posts, which doesn’t seem to be the case.


The group setting was changed from Public to Private earlier this year.

I left the group a while back so I can’t see any posts now.

Thanks Phoenikia. Explains the discrepancy; guess I’ll miss out, as I don’t actually “do” FB.

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Pakistan/Burmese khaose noodles, Indonesian chicken sate. $15 each and both were merely OK.


That’s disappointing that they were merely okay.

Nice to see you posting, @Teep.

I haven’t gone to Smorgasburg, but my experience with food trucks and the vendors at the ROM’s Friday Night Live prepandemic, is that the food often is missing something, maybe because it’s been simplified due to time and space constraints.

It also seems to often be around $10-$15 for each order. $10-$15 is also the typical minimum spend in a food court lately.

I understand food costs and margins, but $15 for a mediocre sate is still a lot for a few skewers of chicken or meat, or some noodles, on a paper tray.

I haven’t attended any Toronto-area night markets so I can’t compare to that.

Apparently, you are not the only one who shared their ’ mediocre and costly ’ experience! So far, 4 of my friends and relatives who went commented the same.
My daughter, who actually went to the one in NYC/New Jersey said that food quality in the US one was way better and event operation was much smoother.

I ended up enjoying myself… not sure if it would be for everyone but it was good fun for us. I had armenian dumplings, and pandan and sticky rice, and bought some chili garlic oil for later. My friends split 2 dosas. For someone like me who lives downtown without a car, a great opportunity to sample food from all over Toronto.


The problem with these events is the food quality is inconsistent and there’s a pretty steep markup with the menu prices. It always feels to me like a cash grab. We went this weekend and we didn’t feel we’d like to return to any of the vendor’s restaurants. If they don’t bring their A-game to the event, then I’m putting them on my avoid list. And it makes me question Suresh’s tastes as well.