Smokin the Fort (Fort Gibson, OK)

I am not smoking any meats, I hope to smoke the judges in a dessert catagory, Nutella Cheesecake. This is the first time I have gone this far. I have baked 8 cheesecakes this week getting my recipe just right. So far I have had one negative Nancy (actually Mike) but my goal is to show these Okies how to do it right. I can get away with that because I am a real Florida Cracker. Family was there before statehood the first time.

Smokin the Fort is a great late season competition, if your anywhere near you need to get thee there. Lots of great local bluegrass music, families, locals, a real hometown event.

Back to the cheesecake, It is very dense, chocolate and Hazelnut, creamy, intense, weighs a bunch. I found the recipe I was working with actually made 2 cakes, one 9" and one 8". Bonus.

As for smoking the meats, I leave that to the local experts, they do a much better job than I do. Plus the apartments where I live does not allow smoking of any kind. Insurance prohibits it. Dangit.

If you have never been to Fort Gibson, OK it is pretty cool, they still have the old frontier fort. The kind you would see in the old movies.

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