Smokehouse of the Catskills, Saugerties NY

A quick plug here for a no nonsense meat joint just outside Woodstock, NY where I spend most of the week. It’s a place that’s been in the area for 50 years, and was originally run by a pair of German brothers but then taken over by current management circa 2001 or so. When the people who run it now heard it was to be closed, they decided to buy it and got the Muellners to stay on until they got the recipes down.

Excellent smokehouse stuff here–great landjaeger, head cheese, venison salami and kielbasa and all kinds of fantastic other deli meats and smoked chicken/turkey. (The weisswurst is especially great). The place is immaculate, and has plenty of other attractions–local fish and meats from area purveyors (they had fresh ducks a month or so back that looked so amazing I was tempted to get one even though I tend to cook for one out here) and many imported German products. (also good are the pretzel buns, not sure where they source these).

My only complaint is there is some occasional inconsistency–once I got head cheese that hadn’t quite set and at another time there was a venison salami that was a bit mealy. But that is a minor issue–generally everything I’ve had here has been great and I have gone every couple weeks for the last three years… The owners are really nice too, as is their whole competent and friendly staff. Recommended if you are in the area.

I’m not much of a meat eater, but I love this place. Worth a visit for the ambiance alone. And I believe you can bring in your own meat (which you’ve hunted and killed yourself, natch) and they’ll smoke it for you. Thanks for giving it some publicity here!

right, I’ve heard that too. they’ll apparently butcher your deer for you if you bring one in. Not being a hunter, though, I’m not sure how this works!

Thanks for the plug - I’ve never heard of this place but will now be sure to stop in when we’re up that way! We have been to Saugerties for the Garlic Festival a couple of times and generally go up for apple picking once or twice a season as well, so plenty of opportunity!