Smoked Salmon Collars in the Bay Area?

I brought back smoked salmon collars from Oregon ( Brigham Fish Market) and I was wondering if I could get them anywhere in the Bay Area . They are such a delicious treat!

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Try nijiya or super Mira in SF Japantown (and I’m pretty sure other Japanese markets in the Bay Area)

I regularly get salmon, tuna and kampachi collars there. I’ve seen smoked salmon collars a few times (though not as much as the raw ones)


Thank you! I am in the east Bay, I will check Tokyo Market!

Another option in the East Bay is Berkeley Bowl, if they don’t have it I am sure they can help you.

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Try your local Whole Foods.

My local Whole Foods seafood dept. will often have smoked salmon belly and collars for sale.

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Anna’s Seafood, at the Sunday Kensington farmers’ market, has them now and then.

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Okay, I will check!!!

I love Anna’s Seafood…I will check with them

Thank you!

Re: Tokyo Fish Market on San Pablo in Berkeley - I saw salmon collars there yesterday. They were cooked, don’t know if they were smoked.

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Thank you!!! I will check it out.