Smoked Out BBQ [Santa Clara]

Wonderful lunch today. I got the 3 meat combo: chicken, pork ribs and fatty beef brisket with chili and sweet beans ($20). I tried 2 of the sauces, the spicy was especially well made. The brisket makes me really happy, great bark and succulent bite. I’ve been smoking my own bbq for many years, this is hard to do right. Classic joint, counter service, 21 seats, lunch only, Tuesday - Friday. (They also have a truck.)

I’m already planning my next trip, need to try the oxtail poutine tater tots!



Wow! That is a great looking platter for 20 bucks! Any clue what woods they use for each meat?

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High praises. Thanks for sharing. Do you know what they smoke their meat in? Better than Smoking Pig?

I keep bringing up Smoking Pig not because its stellar, but rather its the relatively decent option among the sea of q mediocrity around.

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Nope, that’s on my short list of questions for my return trip. Also curious about they use for a smoker.

Understand your comment re Smoking Pig and share your lack of enthusiasm. I have been there maybe six times over the years and have been willing to accept it for much the same reason. Smoke Out seems to be a step above in regard to the bbq, but, limits on hours and location might make it challenging for them to succeed,

The owner tells me that they burn oak & mesquite and the smoker is Ole Hickory.

I haven’t seen the kitchen, yet. I’ll do so soon.

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How’s the business when you were there?

well attended, 21 seat dining room was 3/4 full, not packed, but seemed reasonable.

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I went yesterday at 12:45pm. Thought about going earlier before my appointment nearby but didn’t have enough time. By 12:45pm, the brisket and the chicken were out. Apparently the word is getting out and they have been getting more business. Someone came by earlier and bought an entire brisket. They thought they were at the threshold of business that they were thinking about smoking more each day.

I got the combo 4- 3 proteins 2 sides, with the tri-tip, pulled pork, and ribs. Of the three, I liked the tri-tip the best, moist, tender, smoky and juicy. Pulled pork that I have around here is usually dry, but Smoked Out’s version was pretty moist.

The tri-tip, hidden underneath the ribs:

For the sides, they were out of sweet beans. So I got the chili and tater tots.

I tried all 3 of the sauces. I also liked the spicy one- ghost honey the best. despite the name and the use of ghost pepper, its not very spicy, but its got good complexity. The Original Pineapple was a bit sweet for me. Thai Mango was slightly less spicy than ghost and they used thai chilis instead.

Definitely better than the bbq around the South Bay.

I asked the owner again yesterday and he said they used oak and hickory. They said they sometimes camp out at the Whole Foods on Stevens Creek (which would be closer for me), but have not been doing much truck work since they opened the restaurant. They also used to cater in places like the Shoreline Amphitheater.

A lot of meat and food, and I ended up eating the remaining half today for lunch.


So glad to read that they are busy and that you enjoyed the food! I’m going back, soon. Any sign of the poutine?