Smoked fish in Seattle

Who has the biggest selection of delicious smoked fish in Seattle?

I’m keeping my eye on this one. Sorry I don’t have a suggestion! One of the most reveletory smoked fish experiences I’ve had - when I realized you can smoke more than salmon - was the Ferry Bldg FM in San Fran. A slice of fresh artisanal bread, thin spread of mayo (horseradish mayo maybe), smoked albacore tuna, and pickled red onions. OHMYGOD.

I tend to enjoy the smoked whitefish spreads at Jewish deli type spots, but those are more a mince and I’m guessing you’re asking about non-minced.

Ukraine International Foods on Greenwood and 105th used to have a selection. I haven’t been up there in a few years.

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Thanks for reanimating this thread.

Jensen’s is not too far away (Greenwood & Holman) and has a legit selection of various hot smoked and jerky type products. Don’t miss the smoked king salmon collar. Also they make beef jerky.

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Update: Jensen’s shut down at the beginning of this year. Sorry for the misinformation.