Smoke detectors...halp!

There’s no door and it’s in the only direction the smoke can go. I’ll check the type tonight. Heat detector might be the best solution.

It did for us - in our several-houses-ago house, we had a smoke detector in the kitchen that went off any time the oven was above 375F. The electrician told us that most smoke detectors have a 10-year lifespan… and once we replaced the one in the kitchen, we had no further problems. Try replacing both nearby SDs - that may solve your problem.

I have the same issue. Yesterday I SLIGHTLY overtoasted the toast & the thing started screaming. Bad enough for me but it really upsets the dog. I’m thinking shotgun…

I had a tiny rental and the smoke detector went off pretty much if I sneezed. I duct-taped a plastic bowl over it and that helped most of the time.

I honestly would just let it go off but my older cat freaks out and hides for the rest of the night (younger cat sits on the couch and looks at me “uh can you turn that off it’s bothering my sleep?”) and fear the neighbors will call the police thinking I’m not home.

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Other solution I’ve seen is to rig a small fan to blow on it

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I just wanted to follow up for anyone who finds this thread in the future. Changed out the alarms, seems to have solved the issue.


A smoke detector in a kitchen? Is that in the building code? You might consider disabling that one and adding a battery operated one OUTSIDE the kitchen area but I’m no expert.

It’s not physically in the kitchen, it’s in the hallway in the dining room right outside the kitchen and the only detector on the floor. I thunk it’s there because of code.

Gotcha, I have a smoke detector down the hall from the kitchen. It too goes off occasionally when I’m cooking. Fortunately, I have a ceiling fan nearby that diffuses the smoke enough so that it stops beeping.

It was going off just heating the oven and driving me insane. I switched them out and the old ones were 13 years old so definitely in need of replacement and now it goes off when there’s actual smoke. The odd thing was at my old place I could just cover it and it would not go off, not so much here.

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