Smashed Big Mac

This was an experiment today, and man did it turn out well!

1.) Form two balls of 80/20 ground beef, about two and a half ounces each.

2.) Google “Big Mac sauce” and pick the one you think you’ll like best, or use any dressing you like.

3.) Use a smallish sesame seed burger bun, and in addition to a full bun, trim the bottom off another bun bottom and lightly toast the tops of each of the three pieces.

4.) Add sauce to the bottom bun, and to the top of the middle trimmed bun.

5.) Add chopped lettuce and onion to the sauced buns.

6.) Add very thinly sliced dill pickle to the top of the middle bun.

7.) Heat a moderately oil coated 12 inch cast iron skillet on medium high heat until oil just begins to smoke.

8.) Add the two balls of meat to two sides of the skillet, and smash with a foil covered bottom of a small sauce pan. Season with salt and pepper and cook two minutes.

9.) Flip both, season again, add cheese to one, and cook another minute.

10.) Transfer cheesed patty to bottom bun (cheese side down).

11.) Add middle bun (toppings side up) and transfer second patty to top of it, then add top bun and serve.

I like Big Macs, probably ‘cause it was a staple of my childhood, but each time I order one it is rarely as good as I remember it being. This is in a whole ‘nother league… had it with frozen shoestring fries done in the Flash Express and a Diet Coke.

If you like Big Macs, IMHO this will change the game.


Next up should be a whopper, or perhaps a double double animal style.

Next time pictures please!

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Smashed Super Star

Don’t have the right bun for a Double-Double, so here is a Carl’s Super Star. Sorry it is a lousy phone capture, but I was hungry and didn’t want to delay things for a better photo… and it tasted way better than it looks!

Lightly toast the cut sides of a small-ish sesame seed bun. Add mayo, sliced dill pickles, leafy iceberg lettuce, thinly sliced tomato, and thinly sliced onion to bottom bun.

Add mayo and ketchup to top bun.

Cook meat same way as in OP, but add cheese to both patties. Stack and add to bottom bun. Then add top bun and serve.

Believe it or not, this is less than a third pound of beef.


Late lunch today… my Big Mac, which I call the Big Smash…


Dayum that looks good! I’ve never seen a Big Mac that looked that good.

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