small fire at Pepe Bocca (Somerville)

A small fire has shut down Pepe Bocca (the recently renovated Sessa’s market space) in Somerville. Damage was mostly to the front window, not any food prep space, and mostly due to the necessary firefighting efforts of SFD. Nobody was hurt. The city of Somerville has authorized construction permits already (which is basically how I heard about the fire in the first place) and the owner hopes to re-open before Halloween 2015.

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Thanks for posting this. I had posted on the chowhound Boston or “board”??? (not sure what the proper term is anymore) and didn’t hear anything other than your link to this post. I really hope they recover quickly, both because I really want to try more of the menu/offerings and because it must be really tough for a new business to suffer a blow like that.

Thank you for the follow-up on this; I had only heard of the initial fire and the attempted arson at Diesel the same night. Sounds like some moron went on a firebug binge for some reason.

Pepe Bocca’s fire was caused by a faulty neon sign as far as the owner knows, and he should know.

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What an amazing coincidence that this board’s post, and the post that sent you here from elsewhere, were written within seconds of each other :wink:

Excellent, that’s really good to know. It was initially reported as arson on the Davis Square Livejournal.

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Hey, you know what they say about great minds… :blush:

good news! stopped by today and they’re open, which makes this gofundme effort all the more curious. i wonder if they know about it.

$50k is a lot of money to ask for to replace a charred window (likely covered by insurance anyway) and 11 days of retail income. I doubt they have any idea it’s being asked for.

That’s true, but I suppose if you add in lost income and inventory, it’s probably not that far off.

Anyway, I’ll head over in the next couple of weeks to support them. It is a lovely little business.