Slurp City: Where to eat Chinese noodles in the East Bay.

(Gary Soup) #1

Good piece by East Bay Express’ Luke Tsai, includes a quote from yours truly.


Good list. I also like Vien Huong in Oakland Chinatown, which I believe serves Chiuchow style Chinese noodles. Favorites are the beef stew ho fun which has a spicier broth than the usual Cantonese version, and the chow jew ho fun. Have been going there since I was a kid. SF has a place that has similar items - Hai Ky Mi Gia in the Tenderloin, but I don’t think it’s as good as Vien Huong.

(Gary Soup) #3

Luke may have had a problem classifying the noodles at Vien Huong as regional Chinese, since Chaozhou (and Hakka) are what I would call Chinese diaspora cuisines, particularly as he was even loathe to classify Taiwanese as Chinese.

Does Vien Huong have better duck legs than Hai Ky Mi Gia? :wink:


Ah ok, are these versions of noodle soups not originally from the Chiuchow/Chaozhou area? I’m unfamiliar with Chiuchow cuisine.

Hai Ky Mi Gia’s duck leg noodles are good and I don’t think there’s anything like that really in Vien Huong. I do prefer VH’s beef stew ho fun and chow jew noodles though.

(Felice) #5

What do you recommend at Vien Huong if I want soup on the side? I haven’t been able to navigate the menu and gave up rolling the dice.

(Felice) #6

With the exception of Guilin Rice Noodle, I generally prefer the Vietnamese noodles in Chinatown. I did recently try the handmade noodles at China Village and thought they were excellent.

I’d like to find a place that makes Taiwanese rice noodle soup, particularly for breakfast. It was a weekly staple in preschool in Taiwan and my favorite dish at school.

(Gary Soup) #7

Is the soup you are talking about of Taiwanese origin, or an import?

I’m thinking here of one of my all-time favorite food-centric movies, My Rice Noodle Shop, where a group of refugees from Guilin recall their past lives over bowls of rice noodles at a shop in Taipei run by Do Do Cheng.

(Felice) #8

I don’t know for sure, but I asked the mom of one of my Taiwanese friends, and she nodded and knew exactly which dish I was referring to, and then responded, “That’s a dish you cook at home, not at a restaurant.” If it is an import, she wasn’t aware of it.

When I get a craving, these instant noodles usually do the trick:


The only thing I’ve gotten there with the soup on the side is the chow jew noodles dry, which are good but I usually order them in the soup. I think you can also get it with a mix of egg noodles and rice noodles.


Nice contribution, Souperman!

I haven’t been to Vien Huong in many years so I guess it’s time to go back.

(hs) #11

i ordered these and did not realize it is $20 for a single package! I expected a box of packages for that price. Oh well.

(Felice) #12

Oh no! Return them. They are under a dollar each at the local Chinese grocer.
Amazon had the best picture that I could find on the internet which is why I posted the link, but I have never bought them through Amazon. I assumed that it would be for a box of 20 or so. Having bought a lot of other items through Amazon, they have a good return policy.

(Gary Soup) #13

Is that what you received? It must be an error, since Amazon shows a 30-pack for $52.80 and a 5-pack for $13.99 of what seems to be the same item.

(hs) #14

yes that is why i assumed it would be a package of 10 or 20. i assumed wrong. for that price i can order a serving of stir fried hakka noodles with clams from Hakkasan.