Slider Dogs at Little Bigs - Houston

I was in need of something to boost my morale after spending the whole weekend cooped up due to the weather. Hot dogs would do the trick I thought and a search turned up Little Bigs. I’d only been to the original a couple of times and didn’t remember any dogs but I thought I’d give them a try.

A slider trio l-r - Nathan’s All Beef with chili, cheese and onions, Freddy Fender slider wrapped in a fried paprika tortilla with caramelized onions, cilantro cream, pico and cotija, and a Carolina-style pulled pork slider with cole slaw.

The buns were lightly toasted. The simple Nathan’s with chili, cheese and onions was best (I’m still very much a traditionalist when it comes to dogs). The FF was not quite as inspired a concoction as the short-lived Sonoran at JCI but the quality of the weiner made up for that - much better than anything JCI has ever used plus it wasn’t over-cooked and dried out like the JCI crews tend to do with anything other than their classic coneys. The pulled pork was very aromatic and smoky but dry, as was the slaw. In my experience these need to be messy sandwiches. Anyway, isn’t slaw on a pulled pork sandwich a Tennessee or Memphis thing, not Carolina?

I don’t remember being very impressed by Little Bigs burger sliders but I’ll be back for the dogs again.

Unfortunately I didn’t remember till I got home I intended to get a Butterscotch shake.

Traffic was practically non-existent.


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