Good question and will scan replies or watch for your’s for the answer. The air fryer makes perfect croutons in ~4 minutes.

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You’ve created a craving! I’ve always cheated with buying shredded cabbage. I will step out of my safety zone and give it a try.

Hadn’t thought of croutons, but thanks for the idea!

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I like a matchstick cut jicama and 4 colored bell pepper ‘slaw’ made with a splash of EVOO, lime juice and a sprinkle of Carrol Shelby’s Chili Kit chili powder and a tablespoon of finely chopped cilantro. It goes with everything. I’ve never been fond of creamy style slaws.

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Oh, I almost always buy the shredded cabbage.

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I rely (daily) on one of these. But you have to keep your head in the game and fingers out of the way. Husband used one while baching in tbe country and wound up at a small town ER to have his thumb stitched back together. (Use guard, and/or use palm of your hand, never fingers.)

Yup, got one of those, too. Great for potatoes au gratin or cuke salad. I like a mix of different cabbages, so the bagged stuff works well enough for me.

My food processor has a shredding blade, which I didn’t know I needed 'til I had it.

Mine too - makes very quick work of slaw.

I have to admit that I avoid my food processor like the plague because it is such a pain to wash it and let it dry before putting away again. Seems to me that time saved is spent cleaning up, while the hand mandolin in my “reach for”. Use, rinse, hang back up.

Must try to learn new tricks.

I worried about this before I bought it (Amazon 4-cup, a step up from my Cuisinart mini-prep), but it’s been much less trouble than I feared. My only real complaint is that it can’t handle small amounts, so I should probably get a spice grinder. I wish there was something that did both!

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small h, i use a cheap (garage sale Krups) coffee grinder for small quantities of dry stuff. It cleans easily by running a small amount of rice in it.


I will keep my eyes open for one of those. I think I used to have one (which I used for coffee!), but the motor burned out.

That’s a great tip about cleaning. I have a small coffee grinder I use to grind up… particular mushrooms, so it’s pretty much become a single task/ingredient gadget. I will give that rice tip a shot when I get back home.

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I throw mine in the dishwasher if I use it for meat or cheese, but if I have just shredded cabbage I typically just rinse and reassemble. I have a mandolin as well, but I rarely use it as I find it takes way too long. I might need a new one, though - mine is probably not as sharp as it should be.