“ Skyview Fusion Chinese Restaurant, Woodbine & Hwy#7, Markham “ - Dim Sum Lunch with a mid-course correction!

With fine, restaurant quality, frozen Dim-Sum products now readily available in a number of retail stores around my neighborhood. It has been weeks, if not months since I last had a sit-down Dim Sum lunch at a restaurant.

Based on past experiences and current suggestions from foodie friends and bloggers, my wife and I decided to pick up my brother-in-law from his car maintenance service at the dealership and head over to nearby ‘ Skyview Fusion ‘ for a long, overdue dim-sum lunch.

However, the presence of some alluring wall posters at the entrance, promoting a number of really attractive looking, value-for-money special dishes threw our menu order decision a curveball. Instead of just focusing on Dim-Sum dishes, we ended up making a detour and augmenting them with some of the specials.

To our Dim Sum order of:

  • Har Gow Shrimp Dumpling
  • Freshly baked BBQ Pork Buns
  • Pot-sticker style, pan fried diced Curry Beef Buns
  • Thousand layer Duck Egg Yolk Sponge Cake

We splurged and ordered a plate of ‘ Shanghainese style, stirred fried whole Dungeness Crab with Chinese Rice Cake, Fava Beans and Preserved Chinese Mustard Greens ‘ plus a BBQ meal combo platter of BBQ Pork aka Char Siu and Cantonese Roasted Duck.

Our order turned out to be part hits and part misses!

Stand-out being the exemplary, well-executed, flavourful and crispy Roasted duck. For once, there’s a chef willing to put in the effort to prepare the marinade in the traditional, cumbersome, long-handed way. The result?….reminiscent of some of the excellent, authentic offerings found in local Hong Kong’s specialty Cantonese roasted meat shops! The well-charred, tender and nicely seasoned Char-Siu was top-notch too.

Sadly, the limp looking Crab dish was prepared totally void of ‘ wok-hay ‘. The starchy batter and gravy coating was crushingly overwhelming. However, the desired overall flavor profile was still there……if only the chef would put a bit more loving effort in properly executing the dish!!!

As for the small number of Dim Sum products we ordered? Again, the seasoning was spot-on, though the overall construction and form of the products were way overboard and way too overwhelming in size! The gigantic Har Gow, requiring at least 3 bites was the size of a grenade!! Same was the baked BBQ pork buns!..so filling!

Overall, an acceptable but non-stand out lunch from one of GTA’s supposed best!


I haven’t been to Skyview for several years. It sounds like the quality of the dim sum has changed. I remember it being very good, with the har gow being smaller and fairly refined.

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I got a feeling the trend nowadays is for restaurants to out-do their competitors by introducing ‘ginormous’ size dumplings and Dim-Sums …be they Har Gow, Won Ton, Shrimp dumplings even minced Beef Balls!..etc.
A while back, I had a plate of ’ Steamed minced beef balls with tangerine peels ’ in Vancouver that’s only 2 balls per serving…but each, the size of a baseball!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Dinner at Skyview Fusion Cuisine this evening – ever went to a restaurant and some dishes were amazing and others not so much? Well it didn’t happen this evening. Everything was fantastic.

Winter melon soup – shrimp, pork, cucumber, winter melon in a delicious broth.

Peking Duck wrappers waiting for perfectly done duck. Sorry no pics but the skin was crispy with moist tasty duck meat. Pancakes, veggies and sauce with the duck went so well together.

I am not a fan of white fish and veggies that you usually get, but this was something else. Grouper with greens, chives, mushrooms and carrots. So good!

Oysters in honey sauce. Perfect texture, perfect taste!

Long life buns. Did I mention the marshmallows?

Can’t wait to go here again!


Another visit to Skyview - this time for dim sum.
This time we had:

Char siu, almost baseball sized, as mentioned.

Hot pepper shrimp, nice peppery notes and bordering on overcooked.

Octopus tentacles had the taste but were a tad overcooked.

Grouper stir fried with garlic was OK. I would go with the other version.

The ubiquitous shrimp rice roll and shrimp har gow. Wrappers not too thick and nicely cooked.

And now the standout dishes:

Sticky rice with lobster. Wow! Crunchy sticky fried rice with perfectly prepared lobster.

Duck (special order). This was so good, I could not stop eating it!
The skin was wonderfully crispy and the meat succulent and flavourful.

Overall highly recommended! Give James a call for a reservation.