Site software update/ downtime


Yesterday night (about 8 hours ago), we started updating the forum software. However during the process I forgot and went to bed. Hence why the site was down during the process. All is good now.


Probably not as much an issue for folk on the western side of the Atlantic, as they will also have been asleep, as for those of us in Europe. I’ve just got on with the day’s real life, rather than forum life. Making beetroot chutney.


I woke up earlier than I would’ve liked to, and noticed significant glitchiness.

What this “real life” you’re going on about?


I looked it up (“server can’t be connected/reached”), that means site is offline.

I made…

  • Pumpkin soup (for tomorrow, if we go to the woods, and when we come back only have to reheat it).
  • A new batch of Pasilla Oaxaqueño chillis in oil
  • A new batch of kumquat marmalade

I tried repeatedly to post about my lastest meal, and thought I might have crashed the site. :thinking:

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Well, sleep is important too… :joy: :crazy_face:

Oohh, nice.

Marmalade making is a once a year job for me. Always Seville oranges, so a job for January. A kilo of them makes enough for the year.

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