Site no longer updating automatically

As recently as yesterday (maybe - the days are running together), the site would refresh itself periodically, so that I saw a count of new Unread and New posts without having to click on those categories. It no longer does. Has Hungry Onion changed? Have I?

I’ve noticed the same…being thrown back in time…

You mean you aren’t seeing this?

Not if I don’t refresh the page myself (I know, a terrible hardship).

You mean you are in a discussion, and you don’t see new posts auto appearing? trying to understand what is changing.

Before: I visit the site and notice that there are unread posts, as in figure 1. I read all the unread posts - now the site looks like figure 2. People would continue to post, and when I returned to the site, it would look like figure 1 again, without me having to do anything.

Now: It doesn’t. Even if there are new unread posts, the site looks like figure 2 unless I reload the page. Only then does it look like figure 1, displaying the posts that have been added since my last visit.

Figure 1.

Figure 2.

I’ve done some investigations but have not found anything concrete. What browser and OS are you using?

If others have the same problem, same question, what browser and OS? And if you don’t have this problem, can you please reply too?

It has fixed itself! But Firefox/Windows 10, if you’re interested.

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Perhaps the site’s ‘job queue’ got backed up from time to time and just automatically catch up over time.

It’s been doing some other (minor) weird stuff. On my tablet (Amazon Fire, browser is Silk), I have to refresh a page or everything on it still shows up as unread. But only once! Then it’s fine.

I use latest instead of unread and seems to work fine on my phone.

Phone’s fine. Tablet is not fine.

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I’ve got a fire. I’ll investigate.

You should capitalize Fire! I was like, why is he telling me this, instead of going to put out the fire?

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One finger typing on the phone makes capitalization a sometimes thing.

There are still some issues around the software processing queued jobs. We’ll find a good time during the weekend and reboot the server.

I will be sure to report back if I notice anything different next week.

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