Site maintenance at 10pm PT tonight

Forum software will be updated tonight at 10pm PT (GMT-8). Access to the site will be intermittent for about an hour.

Thank you @hungryonion for keeping this site ship-shape!


Nice update, thanks!!

Whenever I tried to open more than two topics concurrently, I would get an error message telling me to slow down. Just opened 5 topics, and no problem. Also, the pages seem to load faster and smoother.


Hi all, just a quick update why the site has been inaccessible for the last few hours.

Apparently the latest version of the software really doesn’t like duplicate tags. Duplicate tags are tags that various folks have created over the years that have the exact same names. There are six duplicate tags on the forum:


When we tried to upgrade the forum software, inadvertently this problem took the site down.

Not to get overly technical, but for now, I did a workaround to bring the site back up but if you tried to look for topics with those tags you won’t find any. Longer term I have to clean up the duplicates.

@klyeoh @naf FYI


The fork and knife no longer appears below each post when I log in. Will they be reappearing?

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Just reload and you will see it.

I am doing some separate work testing a new functionality around fork/ knife. So that’s the reason why.


Thank you!

Thanks, I’d been having problems with those duplicate tags in the past - the system would disallow my posts unless I remove the offending tag used. the fix will take care of the problem.

Can you clarify what you meant by the system disallowing your posts?

I have an iPad using iOS 12.5.7 which I can’t update any further, and the new site won’t work on Safari, Firefox or Opera on said I iPad.

Is there a browser other than these I could use with iOS 12.5.7 that would work with the upgrade?


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I tested Chrome, Duckduckgo, and the forum software’s own app. Unfortunately none of it works. I looked into it further and others ran into similar issue. The developers said there are certain essential javascript components needed by the forum that’s no supported by the OS, so unfortunately there isn’t anything they can do. Hence its not a browser issue, but an OS issue.

Its the same thing with one of my screens. It looks like I can no longer use it for the forum.

Am I the only one who is having issues viewing the mobile site? Perhaps this is already a known issue? Maybe it’s just me, not anyone else?


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Site doesnt load on Safari on macbook anymore.

“Unfortunately, your browser is unsupported. Please switch to a supported browser to view rich content, log in and reply.”

And apologies to @hungryonion. I’m sure you know so I don’t mean to add any pressure—it’s all good!

What version of macOS on your Macbook?

Maybe that’s why, but I don’t get that message for anything else

Apple is famous for not keeping up support for older versions. Try Chrome.