Site change today -1/4??

Mobile site layout seems to have undergone a major change today, at least on my iPhone 4/Safari. Any idea how small a half-screen typing window is on this screen? VERY SMALL!!!

Same as always on Android

Same as usual on I-phone 6, iOS 9.

You might want to reload. Nothing is changed.

IInteresting. Just noticed a “show/hide preview” toggle that I never noticed before. There’s also something that looks a little different on the home screen, but it’s minor. Must have hit that preview toggle and unknowingly changed a default because it opened that way each time I started a reply since yesterday. Also… That “show preview” toggle is in the space where “upload”
used to be. Seems like I changed a setting somewhere, but I didn’t. Don’t think I could upload a screen shot if I wanted to.

I doubt that there’s anything to help, but I thought I’d document more, even if it only serves as a frustration outlet.

I’m on my laptop and see that there’s no "upload’ feature here either. so I guess I drag the photos. I’ll try, but this can’t be done on my phone as far as I know.

I’m attaching two screen captures for reference. What is evident in the one showing the topic listing is similar to what happens with CH since the re-do, where the name of the topic is ‘verticalized’ to the left. Note: this does not seem to happen (yet) on FTC. On CH it’s been explained as inability to update the software for use on an iPhone 4, because the iOS is no longer supported by Apple. I have no idea if this is what’s happened here. Just asking and offering info for the record.

Ignore or respond as you will. If it’s only me, so be it.

Did you switch to the Desktop Mode? click on the three horizontal bars next to your avatar, and click on Mobile mode. Does this look more like before?

for the first pic, topic names can be a little squished on iphones with larger screen. I just turn the phone sideways.

Thanks so much. That must have been it, though I didn’t knowingly change the mode. I’ve been noticing that the touch screen has recently been overly ‘responsive’ (doing things I don’t do intentionally) and that’s probably what happened. It may be time to consider a new phone.

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