Single Thread Farms: 6/17/17 [Healdsburg]

I posted this on FTC, but neglected to report my findings here. Y’all were very helpful in my trip to Santa Rosa last month. And looks like I will be heading back up that way a couple more times in the next few months.

I just realized that I have been remiss in posting a report from my meal up there. Bottom line: it was an outstanding experience…I seem to be having issues with my photos posting sideways. With your kind permission, I will post some links to my IG postings for ease.

Reservation was for 9pm and the sun was still slowly setting below the hills in the west. After being greeted at the reception desk, I was taken to a window that opened right into the kitchen and given a glass of drinking vinegar cordial, and promptly whisked up to the rooftop. I was given a plate of snacks as the very friendly and efficient staff checked in with me with comfortable frequency: to provide status of my table, offer some information, and share in the beauty of the views that my photos can’t really convey.

If you are able to click into the IG link, it is a little slideshow of some of my highlights. The array of cold appetizers that were already in place when I was seated was stunningly beautiful. It reminded me very much of the hassun course of my kaiseki meal at Wa Yamamura earlier this year. And to top it off, Chef hand-delivered a series of hot appetizers to my table in turn! Pretty much everything that was seafood based was delightful – and the foie whch paired vegatal components quite brilliantly What slightly missed the mark for me were the lamb course (I tend to be historically soured by the “meat” course at quite a lot of extended tasting menu experiences) and the grain course. The lamb was a bit too gamey and had a disportionately large fatcap for my taste) and the grains just didn’t have much pop. On the other hand, the desserts were an undisputed highlight from palate cleanser to hojicha ice cream with apricots to an interesting take on wagashi (dates stuffed with miso is a beautiful thing!).

Service was spot on from beginning to end. The dining room is quite simply one of the most beautiful that I have ever laid eyes upon. I really dig the Tock thing – so nice to simply just get up and walk out the door at the conclusion of the meal and have to have anything swiped or signed. If given the opportunity to return, I would in a heartbeat. Even thought I think Michelin is pretty BS at this point, I don’t see any reason why they would not just slap three stars on them for round one.

And if I can figure out how to post more of my pics rotated in the proper direction, I will most certainly do so!

I went earlier this month and agree, the experience and hospitality was top notch. The food was good too, maybe not quite as good as Saison or Benu but still very good. Dessert was stellar, if I had known the pastry chef was at Michael Mina, I would have made it a point to eat there. The grain course was my least favorite, partially because the portion was small and I didn’t taste much Japanese influence. I liked the fat cap on the lamb though - it was substantial and I saved it to eat as my last bite of that course.

The Toto toilets were great, the view from the rooftop garden idyllic, it felt like paradise. We drove up and back the same day so our alcohol consumption was minimal. We shared a half bottle of a champagne that had veggie notes that paired well with the veggies is the first few courses, and then once we got to meat and dessert I switched over to tea. Tea service was good but it is not designed for people who can go through 2 or more pots of tea during a meal.

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Did you include the IG link?

For some reason, the photos posted sans link. Let me try this: /p/BVgI3xJFMrJ/

I put a space between the .com and the /p… above.

Here’s a pic of the menu.

Ah. Thanks. Please post the pictures of the meal if you have the chance. I saw the two you had above.

I tried. However, the pictures I took kept posting sideways. I don’t quite know how to remedy that. That’s why I posted the Instagram link

Oh I saw the same two pics on IG that you had in the above post and thought you haven’t posted the other pics on Instagram yet. I will have to learn to use Instagram to see your pics.

ETA: oh duh. Swipe right to see the rest of your pics. (Forehead smacking)

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