[Singapore] Vegetarian Nyonya options at The Peranakan, Claymore Connect.

Nyonya cuisine is perhaps Singapore’s one truly indigenous style of cooking, an amalgamation of its ethnic Chinese, Indian and South-East Asian roots. But getting vegetarian Nyonya cuisine has always been something of a challenge.
The Peranakan at Claymore Connect is the first to try and fill in the gap here, with a limited spread of vegetarian Peranakan dishes to satisfy the growing number of Singaporeans who chose to become vegetarians, mainly due to their Buddhist religious belief.

Our lunch this afternoon include:

  1. Vegetarian spring rolls - a bit on the greasy side here.

  2. Vegetarian “mutton” rendang. This was the best dish at lunch today - full of robust curry flavours.

  3. Vegetarian “cod-fish” assam pedas. Also very tasty, with full-bodied sweet-sour-spicy flavours.

  4. Vegetarian chicken pongteh. The gravy here was overly salty, but otherwise the “chicken” and potatoes had perfect textures.

Desserts were:
5) Pulut Inti: glutinous rice tinted blue with “bunga telang”, served with grated coconut cooked with brown sugar.

  1. Cendol - okay version here: has red beans and attap seeds. But the cendol’s colouring looked like it’s from artificial colouring instead of pandan.

Flavours of the dishes here are pretty average - its novelty lies in its offering of vegetarian Nyohya options, which is very hard to find anywhere else in Singapore.

The Peranakan Restaurant
442 Orchard Road
Level 2 Claymore Connect
Singapore 238879
Tel: +65 6262 4428
Operating hours: 11am to 10pm daily.

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