[Singapore] Tsuta Ramen at Pacific Plaza, Claymore Hill

Tsuta Ramen, the world’s first Michelin-starred ramen eatery, opened in Singapore last Nov 2016. The queues were daunting then - a tear-inducing 3-hour wait for a seat in its 18-seat Singapore branch (the 1-Michelin-star Tokyo original has only 9 seats).

Thankfully, the queue has dissipated once local Singaporean foodies’ curiosity (and inherent “kiasu”/afraid-lose-out mentality) has been met. Come early these days (before peak meal periods) and you get ushered to a seat almost immediately.

Ordering is similar to the Tokyo outlet’s - you do it on a machine, selecting your choice of shoyu (soysauce) or shio (salt) ramen. Each serving comes with cha-shu (Japanese cooked pork), ajitama (boiled egg with molten centre) and bamboo shoot. You can choose to have extra portions of those on the ordering machine for additional charges.

The shoyu is made from a blend of soysauce sourced from a well-established manufacturer in Wakayama and Tsuta Ramen’s own house blend. A light dashi (made from boiling clams, beef, vegetables, etc.) will also be added to the noodles, together with a small dollop of pureed black truffle oil.

The noodle was light and very filling. Overall, good for a quick meal before catching the movies at Lido next door. Not sure if it’s worth a long wait in a queue otherwise.

Tsuta Ramen
01-01 Pacific Plaza
9 Scotts Road
Singapore 228210
Opening hours: 11am-10pm daily


y’know, I may never get to any of these places that you document. but I really appreciate your efforts, even so. And if I DO ever get to go to Singapore or Hong Kong etc, this stuff will be immensely valuable Thank you.


You’re most welcome. I’m building a database of sorts, so anyone coming by this way has something to look at if they’re looking for good eats :slight_smile:

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