[Singapore] Prata & murtabak breakfast at Victory, Kampung Glam

Breakfast at an old favourite this morning: Victory in Kampung Glam, for its prata with chicken kurma, washed down with hot, foamy milk tea / teh tarik.

Founded in 1910, Victory is now managed by Gazali Edikilakath, the grandson of the founder. Business is very brisk in the mornings, so much so that plain prata (“prata kosong”) is not offered - one can choose either egg prata, cheese prata or onion prata.

I opted for the cheese version, which was expertly kneaded, laminated and griddle-fried in full view of the customers.

The cheese prata was crisp, and has a chewier texture than its Malaysian counterpart (“roti canai”), but less dense than the “paratha” in Chennai, India.

The chicken kurma here was very tasty, gingery and redolent of the scent of cardamom, coriander and cumin. The meat was moist and very tender.

Victory’s claim-to-fame, besides its prata breads, are its meat-filled murtabaks. The mutton murtabak has a more robust flavor than the equally popular chicken murtabak. But both used minced meat, lightly-spiced and cooked before being folded in layers of ghee-lined pastry and griddle-cooked.

Here in Singapore, the murtabak will be served with a saucer of curried gravy, and a small side-dish of slivered cucumbers and little shreds of lettuce leaves, drizzled with tomato ketchup. In Penang or Kuala Lumpur, the side-dish would be pickled onions.

Victory is, of course, located right door next to its deadly rival, Zam Zam (founded 1908) along North Bridge Road. No love lost between these two.

Victory Restaurant
701 North Bridge Road, Singapore 198677
Tel: +65 6298 6955
Opening hours: 7am to 11pm daily


FANTASTIC! I’m still dreaming about the divine prata and chicken we had at a hawker centre a few years back. Victory is now on the list!!

Of course, a revisit to Zam Zam is a must.

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Yes, you need to do both!

There’s also actually a third one there offering the same South Indian-Muslim food: Al Tasneem, just a few doors away on the same street (Zam Zam is 699 North Bridge Road, Victory is 701, whilst Al Tasneem is 709). Many Singaporeans actually claim that Al Tasneem’s prata and murtabak are “better” than both Zam Zam and Victory’s. I’ve not tried it yet, but I rather think that Singaporeans are simply opting for a newer, fresher-looking challenger to the two century-old competitors.

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Yikes, getting buyer’s remorse for booking only four nights in Singapore. We’re not likely to venture to India any time in the near future. So will scratch the Indian food itch in Sge.

Have been watching quite a few videos about the many delicious foods of India. Looking forward to dipping further into that well.

I’ll be in India for 17 days this Dec: starting and ending in Mumbai, but going down the Malabar coast, taking in Trivandrum, Cochin, etc.

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Business, eating trip, or both?

Looking forward to your reporting and delicious descriptions.

@klyeoh You’re probably familiar with Ar Rahman Royal Prata? Tried this on a whim, mind blown.

The Curry (Kurma?) was life changing. This simple chicken legquarter tickled just about every single taste bud, the nuances and complexity was perfectly balanced and delicious!

As mentioned earlier, I still dream about this. Looking forward to sampling more in September!!


Ah yes, one among many good ones in Singapore.

The one that everyone seems to be talking about - but which I’d not tried yet (the queue is CRA-ZEE) - is Mr & Mrs Mohgan’s in Joo Chiat. Give it a try when you’re in Singapore next!

I ran out of time for this visit, as I am flying back to Penang this afternoon (Monday, May 22) in order to attend the re-launch of Penang’s top Japanese restaurant, Miraku, tomorrow.

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Duly Noted!! Will swing by and try if the queue is tolerable. I want to try more Indian food this trip. Frankly, I’ve not been overly impressed by what is available near me in the USA. We did not have a couple of delicious meals in London (and one sad one).

Will do more research so we can enjoy more.

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9am is perhaps a good time - when the office breakfast crowd dissipates. They usually sell out by noon!

Perfect. Singapore is our first stop, and I’m usually up and at 'em by 3am the first few nights/mornings abroad.

Welcome your suggestion(s) for Thaili. Preferably with a relaxed atmosphere and not too spendy. Thanks!

ETA: whoa, 8 minutes from our hotel!! (Mr. & Mrs. Mohgan’s)

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My personal favorite is Madras New Woodlands on Upper Dickson Road.

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