[Singapore] Naughty Nuri's at Capitol Piazza

Bali’s famous Naughty Nuri’s finally hit the shores of Singapore on January 2016, its third outlet outside Bali after Kuala Lumpur and Penang. The pork-ribs were as good as ever. The dessert menu here is pretty disappointing, and never approached the heights of creativity seen in its original Bali and Kuala Lumpur outlets.

  1. St Louis Half-Rack Pork-rib - melt-in-the-mouth tender, and as good as any in Singapore. The spicy sambal dip complemented the ribs perfectly:

  1. Crispy pig’s ears, with spicy curry powder - pretty good with a squeeze of lime. Most Singaporeans are more familiar with Chinese-style braised pig’s ears, slippery-soft and cartilaginous, either served on its own, or part of a spicy salad. Having them fried crisp is something of a novelty here. Didn’t quite like a curry powder dusting, though - definitely not Balinese, or any Asian style.

  1. Beef rendang - slow-cooked beef short-ribs in spiced coconut curry. Pretty unusual form of rendang - more like a Western-style stew than any Indonesian regional variant. I liked the texture of the beef-ribs, but don’t think I’d come back for this.

  1. Ayam masak merah - definitely a Singaporean addition to the menu. It was much better than the beef rendang, but still don’t taste very authentic. What happened to the spicing? I suspect the three-month-old outlet has tweaked its cooking to suit Singaporean tastes.

  1. Maggi Mee Goreng - fried Maggi noodles, charred pork, prawns, keropok, sunny-side-up fried egg, pork satays. Yet another Singapore-centric offering - I’d suggest giving this sad, mushy rendition a miss and try the Nasi Goreng next time.

Naughty Nuri’s Singapore
15 Stamford Road, #01-84
Capitol Piazza
Singapore 178884 (City Hall MRT)
Open: 11am -11pm (Mon- Thurs), 11am- 12am (Fri – Sat). For dinner, full service only starts at 5.30pm

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