[Singapore] Lunch at HK Street Chun Tat Kee, Changi Road

HK Street Chun Tat Kee is a mini-chain of tze char or “cooked food” eateries, with 7 branches distributed around Singapore.

My regular lunch partners here chose the Changi Road branch which they felt had the best head chef.

Our lunch spread:
Stir-fried venison with ginger, onions and scallions - tender slivers of venison, seared in a hot wok, and given a quick stir with an assertive soy sauce-oyster sauce-based gravy. It was one of the best Cantonese-style venison stir-fry I’d had in quite a while.

“Sam wong tan” - braised spinach with hen’s egg, century egg and salted duck’s egg - very rustic, heavy rendition. compared to lighter, subtler versions one gets in high-end Cantonese restaurants. Big portions, big in flavours - love it.

Stir-fried pig’s trotters mee hoon - a classic street food-style rice vermicelli dish.

“Har cheong kai” - batter-fried chicken pieces which were marinated in Cantonese shrimp paste - this is the best rendition I’d ever tasted. I’ll come back here again just for this dish!

XO fish-head and fish-meat in soup - the chain’s claim-to-fame, and done very well here.

Overall, a typical “tze char” meal - casual and rustic cooking - which lived up to my expectations. Service was more polite than the usual brusque, slam crockery down the table treatment which one normally encounters at such places.

HK Street Chun Tat Kee
132 Changi Road, Singapore 419719
Tel: +65 6247 7790
Opening hours: 11.30am-2pm, 5pm-10pm daily


Could that be because of your illustrious dining companion? :wink:

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Now that you mentioned it - it never occurred to me then, as the waitress who took our order didn’t display any sign that she recognized any of us.

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Nice, you are in Singapore! :star_struck:


Yes, am back to catch a Peranakan variety show where most of the performers are my friends.


Who that???

Should I recognise someone?

Bambi stir fry looks fab. Want!


He’s the best-known foodie in Singapore:


Thanks, Peter

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Thanks for the inspiration. Chun Tat Kee on top of our must go list now.

We’ll be staying in Katong, our hotel is a short 22 minute walk to the restaurant. Will make CTK our first destination, so we can explore the menu more than once. :slight_smile:


If I’m not mistaken, he is the driving force behind Urban Hawker.


He is, indeed. He also owns Makansutra, which dedicates itself to championing Singapore hawker culture. We are the Makansutra guys. :joy: