[Singapore] Lunch at Hjh Maimunah Restaurant, Jalan Pisang.

Hjh Maimunah’s eponymous eatery along Jalan Pisang in Kampung Glam still serves up the BEST Malay food I’d tried in Singapore, or even Kuala Lumpur where I’ve been stationed for the past 4 years! Don’t miss their chicken in coconut milk-turmeric and bird’s-eye chilis (Ayam Lemak Cili Padi).

Queue up to order - your food will be delivered to your table by the waiters after you’d made your selection and made payment at the cash counter:

  1. Ayam goreng:

  1. Terung belado:

  1. Kacang dan tempe goreng:

  1. Bergedil:

  1. Daging rendang:

  1. Sambal telur:

Address: Hjh Maimunah Restaurant, 11 Jln Pisang, Singapore 199078. Tel: +65 6297 4294