[Singapore] Lunch at CreatureS, Desker Road

CreatureS hit the headlines a year back when Singaporean foodies began to notice its richly-flavoured, intoxicatingly-heady durian spongecake. Hits the spot where durian-lovers such as I am concerned.

But besides that, CreatureS also offers Singaporeans familiar flavours wih its updated takes on traditional local foods.

What we had for lunch:

  1. CreatureS (Nyonya) Laksa, with fresh prawns, chicken, fishcake, quail’s eggs, tofu puffs and shredded cucumbers, in a creamy coconut creme-infused, spicy laksa broth.

  1. CreatureS crayfish Hokkien mee, with fresh crayfish, tiger prawns, squid, pork lardons, flying fish roe (tobiko) & a side of sambal belacan.

  1. CreatureS signature durian cake - pandan Genoise sponge, pandan vanilla Chantilly creme & Mao Shan Wang durian paste.

  1. Cempedak loaf tea-cake - cempedak (jackfruit) tea sponge, cempdeak bites, Swiss meringue buttercream and coconut ice-cream.

  1. Blue latte (tinted with bunga telang)

  1. Yellow watermelon-mint soda.

  1. Iced longan-red date drink.

CreatureS is a beautifully-designed cafe, serving well-plated food with delicious familiar Singaporean flavours. Service is effusive and efficient. One of my go-to spots for a good meal these days.

120 Desker Road
Singapore 209639
Tel: +65 6291 6996
Opening hours: 12 noon - 10.30pm daily, except Monday

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