[Singapore] Lunch at 1-Michelin-star Whitegrass, Chijmes

Lunch at one of Singapore’s most popular 1-Michelin-starred restaurants: Whitegrass at Chijmes. Chef, Sam Aisbett, a Queenslander from the Whitsundays, is an alumnus of Tetsuya’s and Quay in Sydney. It really shows with his Asian-tinged tasty creations.

Amuse bouche:

  1. Red-braised Challans duck, eggplant cream, kanten noodles, water chestnut, Chinese wood-ear fungus.

  1. Salad of violet artichokes, Western Australian black winter truffles, onsen eggyolk, jamon Iberico & fresh shaved hazelnuts.

  1. Gently poached Fremantle octopus, fermented wild garlic custard, fresh almonds, stem lettuce, and roasted chicken-saffron broth.

  1. Australian pasture-fed Black Angus beef, buah keluak puree, fried pumpernickel, monk’s beard.

  2. Young coconut mousse, jackfruit ice-cream, fresh longan, sugar-coated almonds & ginger cake.

Petit fours.

Great meal - I enjoyed this much, much more than at other higher-rated (by Michelin) Singaporean spots, e.g. Andre’s.

01-26/27 Chijmes
Singapore 187996
Tel: +65 68370402
Operating hours:
Tuesday 6–9:30PM
Wed-Sat 12–2PM, 6–9:30PM
Sun-Mon Closed

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Hope that tasted as good as it looks, Peter. They are very pretty plates of food.

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What was the white sponge like circles?

The amuse bouche, is it some sort of crumble, can’t tell what were the round things? (If you still recall.)

Thanks for the post, looks wonderful.

I’m trying to make out what those white sponge-like things are - the menu does not describe everything which went into a dish. I was guessing at the time whether they were Chinese bamboo fungus, which we add to double-boiled soups or consommes.

They were pretty good, Harters - strong flavours all round.