[Singapore] Lontong from Warong Wak Nakem, Marine Terrace

Lontong, a spicy breakfast dish (although many also have it for lunch) of Indonesian origin, is very well-prepared in Singapore: compressed rice cakes, smothered with an aromatic, spicy vegetable soup enriched with coconut milk (called “sayur lodeh”). Some accompaniments to this one-bowl dish include “bergedil” (potato croquette), hard-boiled egg, and fried “tempe” (fermented soybean cake), then topped with “kerisik” (spiced grated coconut).

I’d not been able to find lontong to my taste in Malaysia (Malaysian ones tend to be bland and tasteless, very poorly conceived), so tend to make a beeline for the dish whenever I’m back n Singapore.

This morning, I had one of the best lontong I’m come across in a very long time - at Warong Wak Nakem, Marine Terrace Hawker Centre (Block 50A Marine Parade).

Warung Wak Nakem
50A Marine Terrace, Singapore 441050
Breakfast and brunch only.


Very nice looking broth. Always a good sign. Did you try the other food at this stall?

I grew up in the East Coast area and is somewhat familiar with Marine Parade.

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Oh yes, we usually takeout its curries here for family dinners at home.

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Making noodles. Phongdien Town, Cantho City, Southern Vietnam.
Credit: CiaoHo