[Singapore] HK-style Wantan Noodle War: Noodle Place vs Mak's Noodles

It’s HK-style wantan noodle war on Orchard Road! In the blue corner: Noodle Place, helmed by Executive Chef Chui Chuen Lai, the former chef of Mak’s Noodles in Hong Kong versus, in the red corner, the Singapore branch of Mak’s Noodles itself! In Singapore culinary parlance, it’s like pitting Justin Quek or Gunther Hubrechsen against Les Amis!

Based on my visit to Mak’s Noodles @ Centrepoint (evening, 17 Apr 2016) and Noodle Place @ Orchard Gateway (morning, 18 Apr 2016), it’s Mak’s Noodles hands-down: better “al dente” texture, and deeper, more flavoursome (and very much more aromatic) soup. Much cheaper, too - by half!

  1. Wantan noodles by Noodle Place.

  1. Noodle Place Restaurant
    Orchard Gateway #01-17
    227 Orchard Road
    Singapore 238858
    Tel: +65 6733 3171
    Open: 10.00am-10.00pm daily.

  1. Wantan noodles by Mak’s Noodles

The stewed beef & tendons here are delish!

  1. Mak’s Noodles
    176 Orchard Road #01-63/64
    The Centrepoint
    Singapore 238843
    Tel: +65 6235 5778
    Open: 11am-10pm daily.


Thanks for the review. Judging by the pictures it looks as if Noodle Place overcooked their noodles and lack that spring that’s typical in wonton noodles. How were the shrimp? Did they use fresh or frozen shrimps and how were the sizes?

The shrimps were very fresh at both places. Noodle Place has a larger serving (by maybe 25%).

That’s good to hear. Even though I’m an American I loathe the larger sizes. You did like Mak’s better, correct? More often than not I see larger portion sizes as their way to compensate for a lack of flavor or effort.

How was the texture of the wonton wrapper and filling?

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Wow- double the price for Noodle Place! That’s a seriously expensive bowl of noodle. (I think Mak’s is around 11 Singapore dollar?)

I think Mak’s uses dried tile fish in their broth. Perhaps Noodle Place took some shortcuts.

I still remember one time I ate at Mak’s in Central, Hong Kong. Classic snack size serving. I finished and walked across the street and ate wonton noodle at Tsim Chai Kee. Serving was probably at least 2.5x more. Quality was probably 2.5x less.

Mak’s Noodles only go for S$6.90 - quite reasonably-priced actually.

abc - both places’ wantan dumplings used very fresh shrimps, in thin skin. Very little to separate the two here.

Maybe they are going after a more subtle wonton soup base.

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2nd Mak’s branch coming right about now.

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I still think this is an awesome photo:


Tasted amazing, too.

Good to know. I just happened to look at the photos again. The noodle is cooked, but still look chewy/al dente. The broth has a clear translucent and pronounced orange color. It has yellow chive, served in a small bowl. The wontons also look good. The photo just speaks to me.

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And just like in HK, the wantan dumplings are served hidden from view underneath a blanket of noodles. So, one needs to dig out the dumplings. :joy:

You can say that again. Wantan noodles at Maks noodle in HK was the last thing I ate in HK. You certainly can’t see any wantans. Tasted good but KL style with the soup on the side is still my favourite kind.


Same here. For me, KL-style wantan mee trumps all.