[Singapore] Hainanese Kaya Toast, Soft-boiled Eggs and Kopi-C from Tong Ah

Tong Ah (Est. 1939) serves perhaps one of the best-known Hainanese kaya toast breakfast in Singapore, on par with other iconic Hainanese establishments like Killiney Road Kopitiam, Ya Kun and Chin Mee Chin @ East Coast Road.

A typical Hainanese breakfast set usually consists of a cup of hot Hainanese-style “kopi” (thick, sweetened coffee) or “the” (sweetened milk tea), with kaya-and-butter toast, and a couple of soft-boiled eggs to dip your toasts into.
On the side are light soy-sauce, thicker black soy-sauce (de rigeur in Singapore, but not in Malaysia where only light soy-sauce is served) and white pepper to add to the eggs.

Due to a rental dispute with its previous landlord, Tong Ah has moved from its long-time location on the junction of Keong Saik Road and Teck Lim Road to a rather plainer-looking location along Keong Saik Road. But the coffee and toasts are still as good.

Tong Ah Eating House
35 Keong Saik Road
Singapore 089142
Tel: +65 6223 5083
Operating hours: 7am – 10pm, Daily


Have you ever had the toast made with coconut-flavored bread?

No. But I’d not come across coconut-flavoured bread here yet.

The big Asian supermarket here sells loaves called “coconut toast” holding a thin layer of shredded coconut inside that is appropriate for home-cooked kaya toast with egg.

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That’s interesting - sounds “exotic”.

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There are also taro and red bean toast.

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Oh my. That’s really upping the ante on “exotic” offerings, I guess.