[Singapore] Fried "Bee Hoon" Breakfast at Good Old Taste

Good Old Taste at the Arcade, Raffles Place, will always be my go-to place for breakfast in Singapore. I’ve been a regular customer here for the past 20 years. A small, cramped space in an otherwise swanky Raffles Place, Good Old Taste will see a long queue build up by 8am each weekday morning - a testament to the popularity of its fried “bee hoon” (thin rice noodles) flavoured with stewed, spiced pork and pork lard. You can choose sides like a fried egg, or Chinese luncheon meat (akin to Spam), or a disc of fried fishcake.

Most customers will ask for a splash of spicy chili sauce, besides pickled green chillis to undercut the rich flavours of the lard-laced “bee hoon”. I prefer mine with sans the red chilli paste, but the pickled chillis are a must. This plate of noodles will be the last thing I’d want to eat on Earth. Perfection in every bite.

Raffles Place is the epicentre of Singapore financial services industry, with hundreds of banks and trading houses.

The queue at Good Old Taste builds up by 8am, and the food will be sold out by 10am on most days.

Best-tasting noodles in Singapore - or anywhere in the world for that matter, for me. :smiley:

Good Old Taste, The Arcade
11 Collyer Quay #01-08
Singapore 049317
Opening hours: 7.30am-10am Mon-Sat