[Singapore] Dinner at Restaurant André

Dinner this evening was at André Chiang’s 2-Michelin-star temple to Modern-French gastronomy. The unassuming 3-storey restaurant has a signature olive tree in front.

The sitting room is small, comfortable and tastefully decorated.

Impeccably-dressed receptionists in crisp, black uniforms escort you to the elevators, also offering you a peek into the kitchen of one of the best restaurants in Singapore.

A meal at Andre is a multi-sensory experience, and most of the times, we’re not too sure what else went into a certain dish, although our efficient and very meticulous waiter would share the basic ingredients that went into each and how/in which order to consume those.

There are two floors of dining space, with a capacity for around 10 diners for each floor.

Amuse bouche - little crisp balls filled with a savoury-sweet liquid centres.

Savoury crisps with crème topping gave a delightful contrast in textures.

A playful plate filled with a pile of peas in pods. Only two of the pods containing “peas”, darker in colour than the rest - are to be consumed.

Masala cauliflower on chicken skin crisps.

“Fish-and-chips” with abalone sashimi.

Pommes soufflé topped with bacon and caviar.

Chrysanthemum petals on mousse/crisp.

Savoury churros resembling charcoal. The texture was like caneles but with a savoury, fish-like flavour. My fave item for the evening. There were only two edible pieces tantalisingly placed among real charcoal pieces.

A dipping sauce provided on the side, which transformed an already delicious morsel into a truly memorable one.

Inter-spliced root vegetables with seaweed and seafood.

Shellfish with crumbled ice - water is poured onto the dish - the icy temperatures from the ice heightened the dish, as Andre showed that his dishes are a multi-sensory experience, with temperatures playing as important as role as the flavours and textures of the ingredients.

Another vegetable and seafood dish, a consommé is provided at the end to finish off the dish.

Scallop “pasta” blanketing a shellfish.

Savoury toasted rice puffs, to be added to potato puree with squid ribbons. Another one of my fave dishes there.

Foie gras topped with truffle gelatine.

Roasted pigeon d’Anjou covered with coffee beans and other aromatics - shown to the diners before being taken away to the kitchens to be apportioned for serving.

The pigeon is accompanied by a sun-dried persimmon and chestnut chips on truffle mousse.

Rice puffs - a pre-dessert.

Two types of desserts were served: Grape and Plum - both involved intricately arranged sliced fruits atop mainly cream bases. Pretty to look at, and rather bland. Not my kind of dessert, sorry.

Petit fours with coffee

Mini gummy bears!

Service was impeccable throughout. Very pleasant, quiet place to relax and savour some well-prepared and exquisite-tasting dishes.

Restaurant Andre
41 Bukit Pasoh Road
Singapore 089855
Tel: +65 6534 8880


Thanks for the write-up, a very colourful, aesthetic lunch. I imagine you have took the Octaphilosophy menu.

The savoury crisp with crème - first reaction wow growing moss?! DARING ! Then I saw the powder dust on the wood…

I would like to try that charcoal too, the description is delicious.

A lot of fish and seafood in this menu, especially abalone, what was wrapping around the fish in Fish and Chips?

I read the background of André Chiang, he has worked many years with the Pourcel brothers in the southern France. Is the cuisine French or molecular? Do you see Asian influences in the dishes?

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I think they used a pastry, shaped into fine string-like coils to wrap around the fish. The result was crisp, yet a bit puffy when you crunch into it.

Uh oh. They are closing after 2/14/18

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“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

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