[Singapore] Dim sum lunch at Asia Grand, Fairmont Singapore

Asia Grand has its roots at Asia Hotel in 1982, when the current three HK-born owners, Andy Chau, Jacky Ma and Danny Sin, were involved in running the Singapore outpost of Tsui Hang Village, a HK-based restaurant chain. Throughout most of the 1990s, the unassuming Tsui Hang Village served the best Peking duck in Singapore - I remembered that was one of our favourite lunches when I was working at the Auditor-General’s Office in the Ministry of Environment Building, just across Scotts Road from Asia Hotel then.

Tsui Hang Village rebranded itself Asia Grand in 2005 when it broke away from its HK chain, and subsequently moved to Odeon Towers in 2007 when Asia Hotel was demolished in a re-development project. Last Sep 2022, it moved to its current location inside Fairmont Hotel. Back in the 1990s when this was the Westin Plaza, the space was occupied by Szechuan Court restaurant for the longest time.

Asia Grand still prides itself on serving some of the best Cantonese dim sum in town today. Personally, I feel there is very little that separates the standard of its dim sum from those at its many rivals in town: Imperial Treasure at ION Orchard, Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck at Paragon, Imperial Treasure Cantonese Cuisine at Great World City, Crystal Jade Palace at Takashimaya, Crystal Jade Golden Palace at Paragon, Taste Paradise at ION Orchard, Lei Garden at Chijmes, Jade Garden at Forum Galleria, amongst others. What makes the difference was their long-standing relationship with their loyal clientele: one could see that most of the customers in the packed restaurant are regulars.

Our lunch today:
Steamed assorted mushroom dumpling

Char siew pao

Steamed chicken feet with black bean sauce

Steamed cheong fun with shrimp

Steamed charcoal buns with salted egg-yolk custard filling

Baked rice with waxed meats

Dessert: crispy Chinese pancake with lotus paste filling

Always good to catch up with family and old family friends over a lazy yum cha lunch.

Asia Grand Restaurant
252 North Bridge Rd, #03-22B Fairmont Singapore (South Tower), Singapore 179103
Tel: +65 6887 0010

Operating hours:
Lunch: 11.30am-3pm Mon to Fri, 11am-3pm Sat & Sun.
Dinner: 6pm-10pm daily


i had the most maddening lunch there, a client asked me to meet with his partner company to see if we could get them to invest in a trading platform i’d architected. i was sandwiched between the ceo and cto of the partner company and they took turns asking me questions while the other person ate. an hour later it was time to go and i’d eaten exactly nothing.

my client noticed as I looked longingly at all the lovely food we were leaving behind and, happy with the conversation, he offered to send some chicken soup to my room. I turned him down, pretty sure he wasnt talking about chicken soup :thinking:


Nasty experience! I felt so sorry you had to go through that kind of treatment here in Singapore.

oh, it wasnt so bad, my client invited our team to his house for his wife’s bday where we had an incredible meal followed by my first taste of durian cake. he also took us to something resembling a hawker center but it served a dedicated set of apartment buildings as well as a fabulous lunch on his floating fish farm.

it was a wonderful experience!


Did they at least invest?

no idea but i hope not, the US-based company where we were consulting went bankrupt, it’s CEO jailed for “borrowing” funds from the company. the trading platform we built, the fastest in the world at the time, lost to the vestiges of bankruptcy court. took me 6 months to recover as i’d put my heart and soul into the bloody thing.

in the end, i learned a lot from the experience but more importantly, I ate a lot of great food all over the world and learned the importance of business class travel :joy:


Thanks for sharing. I went here before just before Covid and I think it’s awesome. Shame I didn’t try the charcoal buns before because they look delicious.