[Singapore] Braised Goosewebs from Imperial Treasure Cantonese Restaurant

One of my favourite Cantonese dishes in the whole wide world is braised goosewebs: gelatinous deliciousness, and much thicker & substantial compared to duckwebs.

I found a peppery version last weekend at the Imperial Treasure Cantonese restaurant chain’s branch at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Changi Airport.

Baked in a claypot with ginger, garlic, peppercorns and coriander leaves - it was pretty substantal for one person, though I admit I polished off the two pairs of goosewebs.

The order of shrimp omelette (“foo yong hai”) was pretty much unnecessary.

Imperial Treasure @ Crowne Plaza
Changi Airport Terminal 3
Tel: +65 6822 8228
Opening hours: 11.30am - 3pm and 6pm - 10.30pm, daily


I’m sure you’ve tried … had a very good rendition at Jade Palace earlier in the year.


In fact, Jade Palace’s rendition is much, much better than Imperial Treasure’s.

However, the best braised goose-webs I’d ever had was from the Forum in Hong Kong, no one comes anywhere near Yeung Koon Yat aka Ah Yat’s rendition.

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I thought the food was very good at Jade Palace. Lots of high rollers with their fine wines in tow …

I had dinner once at Ah Yat in TST; wasn’t too impressed with the food. Didn’t try the gooseweb though.

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