[Singapore] Best Breakfast "Economy Beehoon" from Good Old Taste, The Arcade

The “economy beehoon mee” is Singapore most common and utilitarian breakfast dish - office workers will pack these on their way to work, children buy these from their school canteens, and grandparents & the elderly get these from their local hawker centre or wet market for their breakfast. Normally, stalls that sell this breakfast dish will switch to other dishes by 10.30am thereabouts to cater to the post-breakfast and lunch crowd.

My fave spot for this dish is from Good Old Taste at the Arcade, Raffles Place. Despite undergoing perhaps a couple of name changes in the past 25 years, the taste of the fried beehoon (thin rice noodles) have remained the same - utterly delicious and perfect-textured. Good Old Taste’s beehoon is fried with lard and stewed pork (e.g. Maling tinned pork-leg from China), giving the dish its delicious, subtle 5-spice aroma and addictive flavours.

Most customers will also order additional sides to complement the beehoon. My fave are the fried egg and fried Chinese luncheon meat. There are others who opt for fried tofu or fried fish cakes. As for condiments, there’s red chilli paste, pickled green chillis or both.

For me, this is not only the “perfect” breakfast, but the perfect meal. This is the one dish I’d want to have before I die :slight_smile:

Good Old Taste
11 Collyer Quay
Singapore 049317
Operating hours: Mon-Sat 8am to 10.30am for its beehoon.


Back to Good Old Taste for breakfast. Still the best in town!

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