Singapore Airlines - Eating lunch on a parked plane

Whatever it takes to have that feeling again, like you are on a holiday.

Or you can do it in the comfort of your own home: The airline is also offering home delivery of its meals, which also includes the airline’s tableware and amenity kits.

I’m most thankful for all the travels I’ve had so I shall wait until it’s safe again.


Painting a big target on our back – presumably the bottled Singapore Sling will be stocked in sufficient quantities for these events, because we actually found SQ’s prepackaged version tastier than the one served at the Raffles Long Bar.

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I’m totally baffled by the idea of paying a lot of money to eat airplane food. (Their website advertises it as “Savour signature international Singapore Airlines dishes in this unique restaurant”.) Singapore Airlines food must be a lot better than the food on airlines I’ve taken.

The international travel industry is really hurting:

Singapore Air enjoys such a reputation for service that it is taking a stab at home delivery of its in-flight catering to generate revenue in these dire time:

Step by step back to a new normal: