Since when is Princeton the artisanal baking capitol of NJ?

I’ve been enjoying exploring nearby towns and it turns out that Princeton is one of them. A search on Google showed me no less than half a dozen bakeries and pastry shops in a two block area. The old me would have tried them all, and I would have also gotten to the Little Chef Pastry Shop if I’d remembered to bring a mask along.

I started by chance at the bakery arm of the mighty Terra Momo food empire here:

Everything looked and smelled really good, but I had other stops to make so I bypassed all those other things and only got this - cold to go.

The focaccia was light and flavorful, but the toppings were just so-so. I should have gotten the one with the onions. Worth a revisit.

Next was a place called Bread Boutique

Since I still thought I was getting some pastry later, I opted for some brioche rolls, focaccia rolls, an olive sourdough loaf, and the cute little madeleines.

It was all so good it took me back to 1972


Worked in plainsboro for a few years. Wasteland. Can recommend a good cheesesteak. That’s about it.

Princeton proper has some gems. Ewing has sown good small mom and pop spots too.

Makes me happy to read about your explorations, brings me back to then

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Seal – I spent a fortune buying up negatives of photos of myself wearing 1970s clothing.

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