Since when is egg nog only for Christmas?

I had a craving for egg nog on New Years Eve but three different chain supermarkets near me were completely out of it and said they’d all sold out by Christmas Day. Did I miss a memo?

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The Krogers we shop here in SE Michigan only carried Pumpkin flavored Egg Nog this year. :astonished:

Since when does Christmas season not last until Epiphany? grump grump grump…

Yes, Mr Rat is an eggnog fiend as well. Seems most of the stores around here ran out of Organic Valley (the commercial one we liked the best) well before Christmas, and yes, eggnog generally became a little thin on the ground in the last week. It’s weird to me as well since I also associate eggnog with New Year’s Eve as well as Christmas.

That’s one of the only ones the stores haven’t run out of - along with the vile Southern Comfort nog and the vegan ones.

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Someone told my wife that Lactaid brand was the best tasting egg nog of all. The guy at the store almost laughed at me asking for a specific brand when they’d been sold out of all of it for a week. I just Googled recipes fir homemade. May give it a try.

It’s easy to make. My grandmother used to make it and it was better than any other I’ve had but I don’t have her recipe. She used to make it for us when we were kids & then she’d have some. With quite a bit of rum in it as I recall.

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I’ve been making my own since the 1970s, believe it or not I found the recipe in the Pennysaver! Bourbon and brandy is my poison; someone always begs for the recipe so guess I’ll be making it forever. (The rest is whole eggs, half and half plus heavy cream and sugar, with the usual flavorings). I hear eggnog usually lasts forever but I can’t attest to that, I make a giant punch bowl but it goes fast. Even my cats sneak a taste :wink: If I have to use store bought, I prefer the egg nogs from the liquor store…Pennsylvania brand? The one that’s $10 each, it’s not too bad.


Mr Rat makes his own too, from his family’s recipe, but it is quite a production - we had it Christmas Eve.

We’d rather add liquor to a grocery non-alcoholic dairy nog than use the liquor store ones like Pennsylvania Dutch that are made with non-dairy creamer. It’s not the worst thing in the world by any means, but if we’re going to buy a nog we’d prefer the dairy one.

Agreed, and much tastier than the grocery store brands IMO. They tend to be too sweet for my taste, and then when you add liquor it just becomes overwhelming. I like just about any liquor in the mix, bourbon, brandy, rum, you name it. It’s also delicious, if non-traditional, with Kahlua!